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Crystal and Pearl Bracelets

Beautiful Crystal and Pearl bracelets from Sabah.
(Exclude rm2.50 shipping cost)

G01 RM 25
(Available) / G02 RM 25 (Sold Ma)

G03 RM40
(Available)/ G04 RM25 (Available)

G05 RM40
(Sold Inna) / G06 RM40 (Available)

G07 RM25(Sold Noorlia) / G08 RM40 (Available)

Brooches (Collection 2)

Simple and cute brooches with cat eye stones and crystal..
Price is RM12 each.

CE01(Sold Zu, Sold Connie)
CE02 ( Sold Aunty, Reserved Shafinaz)
CE03(Sold BB, Sold Cyntia)

CE04(Sold Aunty 2x)
CE05( Sold Connie, 1 Available )
CE06(Sold Diana, Sold Norsyura)

Pins for Tudung (Collection 4)

Flower pins for your tudung.. Come in 6 colors. About 5 cm long.
Price is RM5 per-set (2 pins).

(Exclude rm2.50 shipping cost)

NB07(3 pair Available) - Green
Sold Inna, Kak Yus, 1 pair Available) - Orange
NB09(Sold Mahijar, Reserved Shafinaz) - Peach
NB10(3 pair Available) - Pink
NB11(Sold Inna, Kak Yus, Sold Inna
) - Blue
NB12(3 pair Available)
- Red

Pins for Tudung (Collection 3)

Cute pins for your tudung.. Come in 6 colors. About 5 cm long.
Price is RM7 per-set (2 pins)

(Exclude rm2.50 shipping cost)
PB04(Sold Rokiah)
PB05(Sold Inna)

Korean Brooch (Collection 12)

Beautiful Brooches with shining stones..

HB04 Price RM35 (Reserved Kiah)
SR04 Price RM20 (Reserved Ida)
FP04 Price RM35 (Available)

BG01 Price RM25 (Sold Inna)
FP05 Price RM35 (Available)
FP06 Price RM28 (Sold Norhayati)

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